Cute kitten

The cutest kitten

Cats are very unique creatures that we’ve grown to love and enjoy. Because they’re so fascinating, it’s not surprising that there are many facts about our domestic felines that some may be unaware of. Here we’ve compiled a list of some facts about cats and kittens that you may not have known!

  1. Kittens Can’t See & Hear Fully Until 2-3 Weeks Old
  2. Kittens Sleep Around 18 Hours Per Day
  3. Newborn Kittens Purr
  4. Kittens Have a Strong Sense of Smell
  5. Kittens Can Be Right or Left-Pawed
  6. Kittens Can Fit Their Bodies Anywhere They Can Fit Their Heads
  7. A Kitten’s Whiskers Are As Long As Their Bodies Are Wide
  8. All Kittens Are Born With Blue Eyes
  9. Kittens Have 26 Teeth
  10. The Average Kitten Litter is 1-9 Kittens