How CSS evolves, a look back at 2 years of CSS grid

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Web layouts over the years

No layout Table-based layout
Nested boxes
Float-based layout Panel-style from frameworks Grid layouts and beyond

Block layout

designed for laying out documents

block layout

Inline layout

designed for laying out text

inline layout

Table layout

designed for laying out 2D data in a tabular format

table layout

Positioned layout

designed for very explicit positioning without much regard for other elements in the document

positioned layout

Flexible box layout

describes a CSS box model optimised for user interface design and designed for laying out more complex applications and webpages

Grid layout

Defines a two-dimensional grid-based layout system,
optimised for user interface design.

Why is CSS grid special?

Grid works from the container in,
other layout methods start with the item

Rachel Andrew

Layout technique: inline-block

Item A

Item B

Item C

Item D

Item E

Item F

Layout technique: float

Item A

Item B

Item C

Item D

Item E

Item F

Layout technique: flex

Item A

Item B

Item C

Item D

Item E

Item F

Grid is the only layout technique that establishes a relationship between rows and columns of grid items.

Grid versus Flexbox?

⚠️ Wrong question ⚠️

Grid AND Flexbox

Flexbox ➡ single dimension

flex-direction: row
flex-direction: column

Grid ➡ two dimensions

Items know about row and column sizing

Where does CSS come from?

  • Browser vendors
  • Companies who need certain features
  • CSS working group

The CSS Working Group

Not what the CSSWG looks like
Team photo of the CSSWG

Specification document statuses

Working Draft (WD)

to create a snapshot of the specification's current state and to solicit input from the W3C and the public

Last Call Working Draft (LC or LCWD)

to announce that the specification will move toward Candidate Recommendation unless significant issues are brought up

Candidate Recommendation (CR)

to express that all known issues have been resolved, and is a call for implementations

Proposed Recommendation (PR)

needs a comprehensive test suite and implementation reports proving that every feature is interoperably implemented in at least two shipping implementations

Recommendation (REC)

finally, a standard
An extremely excited cat

It's not a linear process…

W3C snakes and ladders

…it shouldn’t come as a shock that grid-based layouts have been a goal of CSS since the beginning.

The Story of CSS Grid, from Its Creators by Aaron Gustafson

Fun facts about CSS grid

  • Numerous proposals submitted that were never implemented
  • First proposal that stuck was one from Microsoft (for Metro UI)
  • First implementation of Grid ever was in IE10 (with vendor prefix)
  • Bloomberg hired Igalia to implement CSS grid for Blink and WebKit
  • Rachel Andrew proposed gap to solve the gutter problem

Browser support for Grid (Level 1)

Data on support for the css-grid feature across the major browsers from

Basics of CSS grid

Define your grid.

Define a grid

Place items in the grid.

Place items in the grid

Grid terminology

Grid terminology

Using DevTools to learn Grid

Live examples QR code for link to example page

What's in Grid Level 2?

    Level 2 expands Grid by:
  • adding “subgrid” capabilities for nested grids to participate in the sizing of their parent grids
  • aspect-ratio–controlled gutters

Why do we need subgrid?

Card style layout Speaker cards Inline form labels and inputs

The subgrid syntax

Same properties, more values

grid-template-columns: subgrid <line-name-list>?
grid-template-rows: subgrid <line-name-list>?

The subgrid keyword indicates to the browser the nested grid will use the same sizing as its parent along the relevant axis.

.subgrid-container {
  grid-columns: 2 / 5; /* placement for the subgrid container itself */

  display: grid; /* you must still apply a display: grid to the subgrid */
  grid-template-columns: subgrid;
  grid-template-rows: subgrid;
Nested boxes

Using DevTools to learn Subgrid

Live examples QR code for link to example page

Browser support for subgrid

Data on support for the css-subgrid feature across the major browsers from


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